Why I believe in provable fairness

Bitcoin was created on the principle of trustlessness. Back when it was created, it didn’t attract the same crowds that it does today, the investors and the people wanting to make money off the rise. The people that worked on and built the Bitcoin ecosystem were there because they didn’t want to have to put their trust into anybody. Provable fairness was created as a direct consequence of this. People looked at traditional gambling and saw something that could be improved upon, something that could be changed the same way they looked at money and thought of Bitcoin. The result was the first completely trustless gambling system the Internet had ever seen, and it sparked a boom. Although the system originally only applied to generating random numbers for dice, the process was quickly adapted into many other games and a whole new community was formed.

But as Bitcoin grew more and more, and started attracting different people, people started joining the community that weren’t familiar with these systems. These people through no fault of their own simply didn’t understand the significance of being provably fair, or what it really meant. Later on, some people with lighter sets of morals started trying to take advantage of this lack of knowledge. Some of them used software they bought from some other company, something they could not possibly understand the inner workings of and claimed it to be provably fair. Or worse, they created systems that at first looked to be provably fair but upon closer inspection contained holes that made it difficult for users to keep the site truly provably fair. These people looked to take advantage of the newcomers that didn’t know the reasons behind this technology that had been created for the user’s benefit.

I want to see this community be reminded of why provable fairness was created. I want to see people educated, and I want to see people take advantage of these systems that have been set up for their peace of mind. I also want to see these people that claim they are what they are not brought to light. I believe that all the new people that have joined our once small community will all be able to see the benefit once they understand the technology and the reasons for it’s creation. I believe in provable fairness because it shares the same core principles as Bitcoin itself, and once people see and understand it I know that they will see what an amazing thing it is.