– The monarch of manipulation?

You read that correctly. are in a position where they can easily manipulate the result of your bet.

Luckygames are currently preaching that they are a provably fair online gambling website. This is not the case.

Operating unfairly

Expecting players to change their client seed every single bet

No warning that Luckygames have the potential to manipulate results

Provably fair games use a nonce – a random number attached to the end of your client seed that ensures each result is random. Changing the nonce on the end of your client seed (after your bet) tells you what the result would have been for the next spin or the next hand. do not use a nonce. Instead – to verify that your bet is completely fair, you need to manually change your client seed after every single bet.

The image above states ”since you choose your own Client Seed, there is no way for us to alter the outcome”.

How many players are actually going to choose their own client seed before every bet?

Change is necessary

Considering this would take their development team little effort to implement, it makes us wonder whether they are actually manipulating results.

Our role here at the Crypto Gambling Foundation is to raise awareness about the issues that exist within the crypto gaming industry. We are here to promote essential practices, that create an honest and fair gambling experience. While we aren’t here to call out companies for the sake of doing so, it is only right that we point out that there is a company out there that seem to be deceiving their players. have currently taken over 90 billion bets, but how many of these have been placed with a system that is completely provably fair? None. As previously stated, we are here to educate and to address issues in this industry. Until this is changed, Luckygames can be accused of cheating their players.

We are a foundation that cares, and wants to see these issues be rectified. But as a foundation, we are displeased that this has been allowed to happen for so long. The pressure is on you now Luckygames – we need you to fix this. It is about time, as a community – that we take a stand against websites that preach provably fairness without letting their games do the talking.

We want to advise our players of the risks that playing on this website may bring. Are you going to allow your bets to be potentially tampered with?

They know that players are not going to sit there every five seconds and manually change the client seed.

They know that what they are doing is truly unfair.

They know that they are manipulating players that have little education about provable fairness.

We know that we won’t stand for it.